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Over 2,500 call centers and phone systems are powered by Business Core.

What is Business Core?

Maintain local presence with an international phone number and run your virtual call center from anywhere in the world.

business core

International team: We are a team of 60+ people of 10+ different nationalities working from 6 cities (remotely nowadays).

Continuous professional growth: Business Core is definitely a place where you can improve your professional and personal skills, share knowledge, and access a variety of tasks and positions.

Leading with team spirit: We enjoy spending time together through team-building activities, sharing company breakfast, and listening to or announcing exciting news at all-hands meetings.


Call Center

Do not let even a chance for customer loss with this distinctive customer service solution you can now handling your agents in their waiting period not just handling them but also market them with call Centre solution.

ERP Finance & Operation

Finance & operations to get an understanding of where you are going and how you are performing, you need to measure. . Reconciles transactions by comparing and correcting data and give you the insights you need to make better decisions managed through three exceptional solutions through three effective modules with more steps to have all.






PBX solution which can provide you with the best internal communications according to your business needs, save you money instead of running hundreds of lines to each employee, you can have your internal free calls with effective that makes you do your work in profitable way.
PBX will provide you with the following features, all in details so you can understand it much better and how it leverage your business in efficient way.

Call Center Solutions Details

  • Privacy
    Reliable and safe operation of your business phone system. Your data and VoIP services are safe with us. All Business Core data are stored in modern safe data centers with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Internal phone number tags                                                                          Does your company use several phone numbers? Give them a tag so that your employees and agents immediately know what number the client dialed and how to adjust their approach.
  • SQL Exporter
    Connect your call center data from Business Core to your business intelligent tool and start building dashboards and statistics that matter most to your business. All without a need for coding skills.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu                                                   Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents and receive relevant information through customized messages.
  • API
    Integrate Business Core with your external systems. With integrations, you can import and export contacts and regularly download history of phone calls, orders, tickets, etc.
  • Call monitoring                                                                                                Have a comprehensive overview of your phone calls anytime you need. Get information on your agents’ calls and optimize your customer service.

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