Ease of communication & flexibility &  just a few lines.



Flexible to adopt and integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure. PBX embraces the concept of standards compliances, while enjoying the freedom to develop and extend according to your needs.

just a few lines

Rather than having individual lines for each phone in your office, PBX offers centralized hub unit through which each line can pass, no need to run hundreds of lines any more.

Ease of communication

Ease of internal communication between your employees and facilitating the coordination and organization of the internal meetings.

Free calls!

YES! PBX save your money and provide you with free calls to you, your employees inside the headquarter and All Your External Branches Wherever.

Just a few numbers to call

PBX is not the traditional phone, you only need to dial a three or four-digit number to make a call within the network .

Integration of the system

PBX get you to enjoy many feature that facilitate your work for like making voice or video conference call, call pickup, forward calls, transfer incoming call, call waiting, music on hold and more .

The External Connection

PBX get you to make and receive external calls through certain digit of the external phone line connections 'extensions' that enable you and your employees to reach your customer directly.

Integration with CRM and Call Center modules of the ERP Enhanced Sales & Marketing Cross selling, up selling, Calls, Newsletters & Emails can be more precise and result oriented when it delivered to a focused group. Organized Data All your leads, contacts, customers & orders can be organized & stored in a standard format, which is easy and flexible to retrieve.